Full radio schedule for Euros 2024

Euro 2024 has kicked off, and the battleground is set for European football’s finest to vie for supremacy, featuring stars like Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Harry Kane duking it out for continental bragging rights.

England strides in as the favored contenders, hungry for their maiden European Championship title. Spearheaded by the dynamic duo of Kane and Jude Bellingham, the Three Lions are poised to finally clinch the coveted trophy. However, they face stiff competition from football powerhouses such as France, Spain, Portugal, host Germany, and the reigning champions Italy.


Amidst the heavyweight showdowns, this tournament promises potential Cinderella stories. Ukraine eyes an opportunity to upset the odds from Group E, while Croatia, renowned for their giant-killing exploits, aims to disrupt the plans of Spain and Italy in their quest for glory. Adding to the intrigue, debutants Georgia, led by the exceptional Giorgi Mamardashvili in goal, aim to make a memorable first impression on the Euro stage.

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Euro 2024 radio station: Channels, live streams

SiriusXM has you covered for nearly every game of Euro 2024, featuring FOX Sports match commentary for 46 out of the 51 matches, including all the thrilling knockout stage action.

You can catch the broadcasts on SiriusXM channels dedicated to soccer enthusiasts: FOX Sports on SiriusXM (channel 83) and SiriusXM FC (channel 157). Channel 83 not only brings you live game coverage but also offers pre-game analyses and comprehensive post-match breakdowns. Tune in daily for “Summer Soccer Morning” from 8–11am ET and “Summer Soccer Tonight” from 5–8pm ET on SiriusXM FC (Ch. 157).

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What time are Euro 2024 matches?

Local time (Germany) ET Time PT Time
3:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m.
6:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m.
9:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m.


Euro 2024 fixtures and schedule

Get ready for the Euro 2024 rollercoaster! It all kicks off on June 14 as Germany gears up to battle Scotland at Munich’s Allianz Arena in the tournament’s grand opening showdown. The action kicks off at 9:00 p.m. local time (3:00 p.m. ET), promising a spectacle that’s sure to set the tone for an exhilarating month ahead.

As the tournament unfolds, brace yourself for a whirlwind of soccer brilliance spanning the entire month. The knockout stage ignites on June 30 with the Round of 16, catapulting the intensity to new heights.

Mark your calendars because it all crescendos to the grand finale in Berlin on July 14, where one team will seize glory and bring the curtain down on this epic competition.

For your convenience, here’s the scoop on every Euro 2024 match-up. From dates to kick-off times and the all-important SiriusXM channel, we’ve got you covered with all the essential details to ensure you catch every heart-stopping moment.

Group A match schedule

Date Time (ET) Match Channel
June 14 3 p.m. Germany vs. Scotland FOX Sports (83)
June 15 9 a.m. Hungary vs. Switzerland N/A
June 19 12 p.m. Germany vs. Hungary FOX Sports (83)
June 19 3 p.m. Scotland vs. Switzerland FOX Sports (83)
June 23 3 p.m. Switzerland vs. Germany FOX Sports (83)
June 23 3 p.m. Scotland vs. Hungary SiriusXM FC (157)

Group B match schedule

Date Time (ET) Match Channel
June 15 12 p.m. Spain vs. Croatia FOX Sports (83)
June 15 3 p.m. Italy vs. Albania FOX Sports (83)
June 19 9 a.m. Croatia vs. Albania FOX Sports (83)
June 20 3 p.m. Spain vs. Italy FOX Sports (83)
June 24 3 p.m. Albania vs. Spain SiriusXM FC (157)
June 24 3 p.m. Croatia vs. Italy FOX Sports (83)

Group C match schedule

Date Time (ET) Match Channel
June 16 12 p.m. Slovenia vs. Denmark FOX Sports (83)
June 16 3 p.m. Serbia vs. England FOX Sports (83)
June 20 9 a.m. Slovenia vs. Serbia FOX Sports (83)
June 20 12 p.m. Denmark vs. England FOX Sports (83)
June 25 3 p.m. England vs. Slovenia FOX Sports (83)
June 25 3 p.m. Denmark vs. Serbia SiriusXM FC (157)

Group D match schedule

Date Time (ET) Match Channel
June 16 9 a.m. Poland vs. Netherlands FOX Sports (83)
June 17 3 p.m. Austria vs. France FOX Sports (83)
June 21 12 p.m. Poland vs. Austria FOX Sports (83)
June 21 3 p.m. Netherlands vs. France FOX Sports (83)
June 25 12 p.m. France vs. Poland FOX Sports (83)
June 25 12 p.m. Netherlands vs. Austria SiriusXM FC (157)

Group E match schedule

Date Time (ET) Match Channel
June 17 9 a.m. Romania vs. Ukraine N/A
June 17 12 p.m. Belgium vs. Slovakia FOX Sports (83)
June 21 3 p.m. Slovakia vs. Ukraine N/A
June 22 3 p.m. Belgium vs. Romania FOX Sports (83)
June 26 12 p.m. Ukraine vs. Belgium FOX Sports (83)
June 26 12 p.m. Slovakia vs. Romania SiriusXM FC (157)

Group F match schedule

Date Time (ET) Match Channel
June 18 12 p.m. Turkey vs. Georgia N/A
June 18 3 p.m. Portugal vs. Czechia FOX Sports (83)
June 22 9 a.m. Georgia vs. Czechia N/A
June 22 12 p.m. Turkey vs. Portugal FOX Sports (83)
June 26 3 p.m. Czechia vs. Turkey SiriusXM FC (157)
June 26 3 p.m. Georgia vs. Portugal FOX Sports (83)

Euro 2024 Round of 16

Date Time (ET) Match Station
June 29 12 p.m. M1: 2nd, Group A vs. 2nd, Group B FOX Sports (83)
June 29 3 p.m. M2: 1st, Group A vs. 2nd, Group C FOX Sports (83)
June 30 12 p.m. M3: 1st, Group C vs. 3rd place D/E/F FOX Sports (83)
June 30 3 p.m. M4: 1st, Group B vs. 3rd place A/D/E/F FOX Sports (83)
July 1 12 p.m. M5: 2nd, Group D vs. 2nd, Group E FOX Sports (83)
July 1 3 p.m. M6: 1st, Group F vs. 3rd place A/B/C FOX Sports (83)
July 2 12 p.m. M7: 1st, Group E vs. 3rd place A/B/C/D FOX Sports (83)
July 2 3 p.m. M8: 1st, Group D vs. 2nd, Group F FOX Sports (83)

Euro 2024 Quarterfinals

Date Time (ET) Match Station
July 5 12 p.m. QF1: Winner, M4 vs. Winner, M2 FOX Sports (83)
July 5 3 p.m. QF2: Winner, M6 vs. Winner, M5 FOX Sports (83)
July 6 12 p.m. QF3: Winner, M3 vs. Winner, M1 FOX Sports (83)
July 6 3 p.m. QF4: Winner, M7 vs. Winner, M8 FOX Sports (83)

Euro 2024 Semifinals

Date Time (ET) Match Station
July 9 3 p.m. Winner, QF1 vs. Winner, QF2 FOX Sports (83)
July 10 3 p.m. Winner, QF3 vs. Winner, QF4 FOX Sports (83)

Euro 2024 Final

Date Time (ET) Match Station
July 14 3 p.m. SF winner vs. SF winner FOX Sports (83)