For me he’s the best in the world: Luis Enrique

PSG manager Luis Enrique has appreciated Kylian Mbappe after their Champions League 2-0 victory over Dortmund.

Paris Saint-Germain’s manager, Luis Enrique, appreciate Kylian Mbappe after their impressive 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League. Enrique’s words of praise for the French superstar were nothing short of remarkable, as he declared, “For me, he’s the best in the world.”

The match, which marked PSG’s first game in this season’s Champions League campaign, was an amazing encounter that showcased the brilliance of Mbappe. The young forward, who has consistently impressed fans with his skill and speed, played a crucial role in securing the victory for his team.


In the 49th minute of the match, Mbappe stepped up to take a penalty and put the ball into the back of the net, giving PSG a well-deserved lead. He played well under pressure were on full display as he dispatched the spot-kick with ease.

Not content with just the penalty, Mbappe continued to terrorize Dortmund’s defense. It was in the 58th minute that PSG doubled their lead as Hakimi had his first goal.