History of Football in India

Football is becoming the second cricket phenomenon.

Football is a game that is viewed in most parts of the world and is passionately followed on social media as well as on live television.

‘During the four-year World Cup cycle from 2011 to 2014 FIFA organized by Football generated a record of 5.72 billion in revenue out of which 70% came from the sale of marketing and television rights for the 2014 World Cup which was held in Brazil FIFA guaranteed old cash reserves of approximately 1.52 billion.’ (source- Wikipedia )


This game is so simple to understand that a five-year-old and get a grasp of it if he or she watches a single match for a few minutes to make it sell and viewed in large numbers makes it easy for the broadcasters to gain large traction which turns into more TRP and results in more revenue and mostly all the entitled joint revenue and mostly all the entity is joined within the game get benefited in some way or the other with a very young national team and a place of talented footballers, future looks bright for Indian football in India with the increase in the demand of the products and streaming services for engaging the fans has also increased.

India has had a rough relationship when it comes to Football and there are players who could not get into the national team and have missed the golden opportunity in their playing career due to malfunctioning of the AIFF ( ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION ), But now things are changing as more and more participation is there from the rural and urban parts of the country and people are appreciating the sport and loving the game as the game is rapidly increasing its fandom in south Asian countries and especially in India with fan support and also the players performing at their level best in all the tournaments, India can achieve great heights in football.

ISL has played a major role in develpoing game intrest among the youth and the old , as they got more fame more and more foreign player are looking towards joining ISL than jining other south asian teams , a big credit goes to neet amabai and his team to build and fasten up the process of football scouting system in India.

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