FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Choosing a team to support

FIFA World Cup 2022 has finally arrived, and after more than five months of waiting around for the host nation Qatar’s climate to cool to a comfortable level for playing sports outside, we’re good to go. The teams have touched down in the Arab World, settled into their camps, and are ready to stake their claim on the trophy. But which side will win international soccer’s most prestigious prize?

We saw the hosts open their account on Sunday in the tournament’s opening match. Qatar was well beaten by Ecuador, and despite being together for almost six months, they looked out of their depth. After watching Ecuador thrash Qatar, fans of the locals will worry about the future with some big games on the horizon. If they cannot find the necessary improvement and fast, they could find themselves on the wrong end of some harsh beatings.


Could Qatar be the latest host nation to lose all three group games and exit the World Cup at the earliest opportunity? It’s certainly possible, and you can have your say on the latest World Cup Vegas betting odds and markets. There’s something for everyone, with all styles of football fans covered and great prices available. But what is the best team for you?

Here to help

If your nation didn’t qualify for Qatar 2022 – perhaps they did, but you have no interest in being patriotic in soccer – you’ll enjoy the competition more if you choose a team to support.

This article is here to help you achieve just that. Our team of sports betting writers brings you up to speed on the latest news for World Cup 2022 to help you find a good team to follow – one that will give you an extended run.

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Who are the favorites to win the World Cup, according to the most respected pundits on television? The top names in soccer have all gone for Brazil, and you’ll find the Samba Boys were the most popular selection on the approach to kick-off. And it’s easy to see why those in the know have adopted that stance.

Brazil is the competition’s most successful team, placed in pole position on World Cup trophies won. Germany is the main threat to that dominance and would pass Brazil if they could find a way to win in Qatar. With the Germans breathing down their neck, Brazil must be sharp and at its best. Will they live up to all the pre-competition hype?

They certainly have a squad of players good enough to blaze a trail of glory to the World Cup 2022 title. Neymar is the team’s star striker, and although he’s not the only option available to the record-holders, he’s expected to start most games and has a say in the outcome.

The one problem with Brazil is that although they have won the cup more than any other nation, their last success was over two decades ago. Brazil famously won World Cup 2022 but failed to repeat the feat in the 20+ years since. That may put some soccer fans off supporting them.


France won the World Cup four years ago in Moscow, meaning they arrived in Qatar as the champions. There is nothing to say they can’t do it again and make history with back-to-back titles. But France will require a fair share of luck to achieve that.

Les Bleus have been hampered by injury in the approach to the big kick-off in Qatar. They have lost several key players ahead of this trip, meaning the France of 2022 will be weaker than the France of 2018 in some departments. They would stand a better chance with Paul Pogba in the team, but that’s now impossible.

Dark horse

Which team may prove to be a dark horse this winter? A strong case could be made for three or four teams being good enough to upset professionals’ predictions, but we’re going with England.

The Three Lions were sublime during qualifying. They were the top goalscorer during the European qualifying rounds while conceding only three goals. Coach Gareth Southgate will require that again now things are serious. Harry Kane is amongst the best strikers on the planet, and he touched down in Qatar, showing great recent form.