FIFA to set regulations on loan transfers to prevent hoarding

FIFA to apply rules in which clubs are limited to sign and send six players on loan internationally from 2024 in order to focus on new talent.

On Thursday, World soccer’s governing body said that FIFA will be setting up rules where clubs will be limited to sign and six send players on loan internationally from 2024 in order to focus more on developing talent.

The reason behind these regulations, hold for two years due to COVID-19, is to develop fresh players, encourage competitive balance, and prevent hoarding.


Clubs will be restricted to eight international loan signings and eight loaned out from next season, with the number falling to seven the following year and then lasting at six from 2024-25 onwards.

Players who are under the age of 21 those native players will be exempted from the rules, putting through approval at the FIFA Council’s next meeting.

The minimum duration for the loan deal has been introduced according to the plan, which is between two transfer windows, whereas a year is for the maximum duration.

There will also be a limitation of three players getting loaned out per season between the same two clubs, but sub-loaning to a third club is forbidden.

Domestic loans do not adhere to these regulations but FIFA said national associations will have three years to introduce their own rules in terms with those at the international level.