FIFA president asks La Liga & Premier League to release players for the World Cup qualifiers

Gianni Infantino the FIFA president is asking The English Premier League and Spain’s La Liga to release the players for the qualifiers.


The qualification part of the World Cup consists of a series of tournaments that takes place under six FIFA confederations to select 31 of the 32 teams as the hosts are automatically qualified. FIFA 2021 is going to take place in Qatar and is automatically qualified and all the remaining 210 member associations are eligible to take part in the qualifying process.

As the FIFA president asked to release the players the Premier League refused to release the players which are going to be headed to the Countries enlisted under the United Kingdom’s ‘red list’ as they have strict quarantine rules and they have the support of the La Liga clubs as they are also not in any favour to release the players for the qualifiers in South America.

“I am calling on a show of solidarity from every member association, every league, and every club, to do what is both right and fair for the global game. said Infantino in a statement as per Reuters.

The Premier League said that almost 60 players were expected to travel around 26 Countries that are mentioned under England’s “red list” on the other hand La Liga claimed that 25 footballers from 13 different clubs faced the same consequences whereas Ecuador ad Venezuela announced their squad.

The EFL which is the governing body of England’s lower division also took the stage that they are not willing to release the players for the red-listed countries. The matter was all around on Monday why the Egyptian Football Association told that Liverpool is not allowing Mohammed Salah to travel to Africa to be a part of the qualifiers.

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