FIFA did not propose biennial World Cup says president Gianni Infantino

The concept has faced criticism from federations, leagues and players, though the Confederation of African Football has given its backing.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino had spoken about the biennial concept of the World Cup in Doha ahead of the final draw at the FIFA congress saying that, the FIFA congress had looked at the feasibility of holding the World Cup every two years and that it was proved to be feasible but it came along with a lot of repercussions and criticisms, where he previously said that the federations who were against it were afraid of change, according to BBC Sports.

Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, had proposed the idea of a biennial World Cup as part of his role under the FIFA head of global development. Studies suggest that member countries would earn an additional $19m (£14.5m) according to BBC Sports with the World Cup being held every four years which would mean that frequent scheduling would fuel economically for the countries involved and their development in terms of football.


On the other hand, fans and footballers think alike about the situation. They feel that a frequent World Cup would only diminish the value it holds as a legacy, which would rather be gone with a tournament like schedule, along with the unavailability of footballers to play for their country when club demands are on the rise.

CONMEBOL, the South American governing body and the International Olympic Committee have voiced their opposition to the move with the latter explaining that it would take away the attention that other sports garner if the games are to be held simultaneously.”We are looking at all options,” Infantino added. “We will take the time it takes with the utmost understanding of all positions.”