FC Barcelona announces partnership with Spotify featuring Arijit Singh, Shreya Goshal, Darshan Raval and many more

Barcelona announces a Spotify agreement and a new identity for Camp Nou.

For the following four seasons, Spotify will replace Rakuten as the main sponsor, as well as Stanley over the front of Barca Femeni’s shirts. 

Camp Nou, one of the most famous football stadiums in the world, will be renamed Spotify Camp Nou in terms of a sponsorship deal with Spanish football club FC Barcelona, which will provide Spotify naming rights to the stadium. Beginning in the 2022/23 season, Spotify’s logo will appear on the men’s and women’s teams’ jerseys for another four seasons.


Per Alex Norström, Spotify’s chief freemium business officer via Spotify’s website, the brand would utilise its sponsorship to “amplify the work of artists” in a way that brings “the worlds of music and football altogether, giving a world stage to players and artists” at Spotify Camp Nou. This also means Indian artists Arijit Singh, Ap Dhillon and others have a chance to be part of the Spanish Club.

According to the official statement, this is a first-of-its-kind engagement that will help bring football and music further together. The in-stadium promotional displays will also be used by the two parties to promote and magnify the work of musicians to the Blaugrana crowd.