FA Cup Finals Arsenal in need of a victory more then Chelsea

The Season so far has a been an Roller coaster ride for the Gunners, Not being able to qualify for the Next season Champions league nor the Europa League having finished 8th in the Primer League this season, which brings to one conclusion this FA Cup means more to them then ever and they surely need it.

With recent performances the Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta would be feeling optimistic about the opportunity being presented to them in the FA Cup Finals against their city rivals Chelsea, The last Finals played between this two sides was the Europa league in which Gunners Lost 3-1, The tides and the momentum are with the Arsenal team the only thing they need right now is the focus and perform well.


Both the Managers are tasting their first Finals Chelsea boss and club legend Frank Lampard have so far proven he is capable of bringing success to team with a top 4 Finish in the Primer League which will see them next year in the Champions league, The team is in the right direction under his guidance and a FA Cup Triumph could further Solidify his ambition and determination for the future.

Arsenal with season plagued by injuries and change of managers see this as their only hope for a silver wear this season, P.Aubameyang is firing on all cylinders and he surely would be the focal point for Arsenals attacking option along side Alexandre Lacazette and Nicola Pepe.

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