Everton receive apology calls after ruling out City handball

Mike Riley from the refereeing body apologises to Everton FC and manager, Frank Lampard after the VAR controversy.

After the Toffees had a massive blowout at Bramley-Moore because of the handball that was ruled out by the VAR after Rodriguez had a visible arm touch, the VAR referees body, Mike Rile, have issued an apology to Everton for their missed call. In the respective post-match interview, Frank Lampard, the Everton Manager furiously said, “My three-year-old daughter at home would be able to tell that was a handball. We’ve lost a point because of a professional who cannot do his job right. it is so incompetent to get it wrong”, he added.

Lampard had just taken the club over in January from Rafa Benitez and had expectations on the new role undertaken by the Chelsea icon. The penalty could have awarded the club a point above relegation.


Riley, who oversees all the refereeing in England, being the general manager of the Professional Game March Officials Limited (PGMOL), personally made a call to the Everton chairman, Bill Kenwright and manager, Frank Lampard and has apologised for the untimely decision of not awarding a penalty to the Toffees.

Manchester City as a reason of which, got away with the ultimate foul in football, to keep the lead in the Premier League table with Phil Foden opening the scoresheet at the 81st minute. The reason for ruling out the handball was the offside opinion as popularly voted by Pep Guardiola and the referees.

Everton holds the 17th position in the table, at the verge of relegation and will play against Leicester in the Premier League today.