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English Premier League refers Everton for alleged financial violations

As with Manchester City last month, Everton is only the second to face such charges.


In connection with an alleged breach of the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules, Everton has been referred to an independent commission. Everton has been assessed for four seasons from 2018/19 to 2021/22. Following Manchester City last month, the club is only the second to be charged with violating Premier League financial rules.

In the past three years, Merseysiders have suffered losses of £371.8 million. Premier League rules say clubs can lose over £105 million over three years. A club that violates the Financial Fair Play rules of the Premier League may be fined or deducted points.

Everton released a statement expressing disappointment over the Premier League’s decision. “With the support of its independent team of experts, the club strongly contests the allegation of noncompliance and is confident that it complies with all financial regulations and rules.


“Everton is prepared to defend its position to the commission robustly. The club has, over several years, provided information to the Premier League openly and transparently. It has consciously chosen to always act in the utmost good faith.”