Criticism of Chelsea after the Russian invasion is understandable, says Tuchel

Ahead of the Carabao Cup final, Tuchel spills out his opinion about the current criticism against his club owner.


After the Russian invasion, the United Kingdom specifically came forward to exit ties with Russia and its investments. One includes the Chelsea Club owner and Russian-Israeli billionaire Mr Roman Abramovich, who was mentioned by the Labour MP Chris Bryant during a session in the House of Commons, to be seized of his assets.

This has deeply affected Thomas Tuchel, the manager of the club who told the reporters that the potential consequences of the Ukraine crisis are ‘clouding’ the squad’s thought but also defended their desire to play football. “I’d love to take my right to not comment on it until there is a decision made. I can understand it, I can understand the critical opinions towards the club and us who represent it. We cannot fully free ourselves from it”, said Tuchel, reported Sky Sports.

Tuchel is aware of his responsibilities regardless of the current situation with the management. He admits that the issue is certainly serious and that the uncertainty in the path of the Carabao League Cup finals is also worrisome. “It brings huge uncertainty, much more to all people at the moment more involved than us. We send our best wishes and regard to them, obviously”, Tuchel told the reporters.

He also added that with insufficient insights and information, it is only right for the team and staff to focus on football and not on politics.

The Carabao League Cup Final will be played between Chelsea and Liverpool this Sunday where the German tacticians will see each other at Wembley.

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