Cristiano Ronaldo to get in trouble because of this Saudi Arabia Law

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t play the first game for Al-Nassr following his ban due to mobile incident.

The Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo have signed with the Saudi Arabian club named Al-Nassr last week and it was one of the blockbuster deals in football. Ronaldo will be earning €200 million+ per year in this club but there’s something he might be concern of. As everybody knows, Cristiano Ronaldo is not married and his girlfriend named Georgina Rodriguez stays together and also had babies together.

But as per the Saudi Arabia Law, no couple can stay together without marriage. Marriage is must in Saudi Arabia in order to live together in a house. However, this rule is not as strict as it looks, it applies when someone does a crime or when it is related to their countries reputation. As Ronaldo is a reputed footballer so it is expected that Saudi Arabia may ignore his this conduct and will allow him and his girlfriend to stay together in one roof.


As per some Saudi lawyers, any action is not taken on this situation yet but the country prohibits cohabitation outside marriage.