Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Real Madrid for training at Valdebebas

As he gets ready for the second half of the season and awaits word on his next club, the Real Madrid legend was back home in Madrid.

Just four days after Portugal was eliminated by Morocco at the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly working out at Valdebebas.

The striker has moved back to Madrid, where he lived for nine years, from 2009 to 2018, and is now working out alone at Valdebebas to stay in shape for the remainder of the season. Cristiano was able to train on a different pitch than the one used for first team practise after receiving all necessary approvals from the club.


Ronaldo has been seeking a new team since this month, when his contract with Manchester United was cancelled. He has a financially tantalising offer from Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr on the table, but he hasn’t said decided on the offer because he’s waiting for any proposals from potential European and Champions League rival clubs.

Many academy players were allegedly shocked by Ronaldo’s visit to Valdebebas this morning, as they were eager to see the icon and take pictures. Ronaldo chose to train at Valdebebas in Madrid, and the club allowed him to do so, indicating a strong bond between the two parties.