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Cristiano Ronaldo on Al Nassr move – “Saudi’s is very competitive league”

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored nine goals in 10 appearances for Al-Nassr.


“Saudi is a very competitive league. It’s not the Premier League, I’m not going to lie, but it’s a league that surprised me positively.” In 5,6,7 years, if they continue with the plan, it will be the 4th, 5th league in the world”. Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr following his exit from United and has scored nine goals in 10 appearances for his new club.

The arrival of Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford in the summer saw the Portugal veteran’s game time restricted. As his unhappiness grew, so did his frustration, which led to an unauthorised and explosive television interview with Piers Morgan in which he criticised the club.

Ronaldo also spoke about his United struggles at a Portugal press conference ahead of their games in this international break: “Sometimes, you have to get through some things to see who is on my side. I have no problem saying I had a lousy career run, but there’s no time for regrets. Life continues, and it was part of my growth whether doing well or not.


“When we are at the top of the mountain, we often cannot see what is below. Now, I’m more prepared and learning that was helpful because I had never been through this, like in the last few months. Now I’m a better man.”

In a social media statement last November, Ronaldo confirmed the mutual termination of his contract with United. In response to a question regarding his departure from United during the World Cup, he only responded, “This chapter is closed.”