Cristiano Ronaldo desires to “win more things” before retiring

Cristiano Ronaldo desires to keep winning things, as he knows that there are not many years to go before he stops playing.

The 37 years old Cristiano Ronaldo, the Forward of Manchester United hopes to continue playing soccer for another 4-5 years. And hopes to add some more trophies to his collection. This season the Portuguese international player Ronaldo has come in for so much criticism. Despite he scored 15 goals in 29 matches in all competitions for Manchester United.

In a recent interview with DAZN, Cristiano Ronaldo during the interview said that he knows that there are not many years to go before he stops playing, 4 or 5 years hopefully, but he hopes to keep on winning things.

Ronaldo further continued, that his life has been a very beautiful journey. He has left his mark everywhere he has been. He also said that he does not think there is any player, who could reach, well, the number he can reach in history. But to have that pride of saying. wherever he has been, he has left his mark. And that makes him happy.

Further Commenting on the maturity, he has earned with age, he states “when you 8 years old, you have to be intelligent and say that, twenty or twenty-five, it is not same as being 35. That’s intelligence to understand the fact that maybe you lose somethings. But to be able to continue competing, you pick up other things and have the right balance as well as be at the highest level.”

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