Coach Lionel Scaloni: Messi played with injury in COPA America final

On Saturday, the Argentina coach reveals that Messi played with an injury in the Copa America final. Though Argentina defeated Brazil in the finals.

Scaloni told Reuters reporters, “If you knew the way that he played in the Copa America you’d love him even more. You can never do without a player like him, even when he is not fully fit like in this game and the previous one.”


He said this statement after Argentina’s 1-0 win at the Maracana Stadium. Scaloni didn’t reveal what injury Messi had but admired him on a night where the Argentina team took to the streets and celebrated the victory with a large number of fans. Argentina has won the title after 28 years and it was Messi’s first major title victory for Argentina.

Messi was the winner of the FIFA (Federation International Football Association) Player of the Year award six times which is a record. He has led Barcelona to victory in every club and individual honour. But for Argentina, he had failed in four of his previous finals. He was sad after the 2016 Copa America defeat by Chile in the penalties.

The coach Scaloni further said to Reuters, “I have a relationship that is different than usual coach-player relationship. It’s closer. We greet each other, we hug each other, and I am grateful to him and his teammates.” After the victory, Messi’s former teammate and Brazilian star Neymar also congratulated him by giving him an emotional hug.