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Christian Vieri: Antonio Conte’s ‘severe’ and ‘demanding’ nature was to be expected

Christian Vieri played alongside Antonio Conte at Juventus.


Due to Conte’s explosive nature, Christian Vieri, who once played alongside Conte at Juventus, has now claimed that he knew Conte would never last at Tottenham. This is due to his unrelenting personality.

In an interview with Corriere Della Sera, the former Italy striker said: “Antonio clashes with everyone; it’s in his nature. When a club hires him, they do not expect him to be happy about anything, but they know he is serious and difficult. It is heavy to have him at a club. Having him at a club makes you sleepless. There are coaches like him and Jose Mourinho who demand the highest quality from their teams. Some aren’t happy with anything in their lives. Every individual has their view on the matter.”

At the weekend, after a disappointing 3-3 draw with Southampton, Conte was sacked by Spurs due to a wild rant against the players and the club’s trophy haul. As the 53-year-old struggled to deliver consistent results in his second season as a north Londoner, speculation about his future raged throughout the season as he did his best to dodge questions about the length of his contract.


As well as being eliminated from domestic cup competitions, Tottenham has also been eliminated from the Champions League competition. With 49 points from 28 games, they are fourth in the Premier League.