Christian Eriksen strikes at Copenhagen stadium where he collapsed

Eriksen strikes for Denmark for the second straight game with an exquisite finish.

Brentford hero, Christian Eriksen has resumed his fairytale comeback to Denmark by scoring in back-to-back appearances over the international break. Eriksen scored a beautiful goal in the very same stadium where he survived a heart attack last year. This time, the playmaker’s strike was struck in the same arena where he slumped last summer, and it occurred against Serbia.

As he staged an emotional return, Eriksen was given the captain’s armband, and several of those present gave him a standing welcome. Eriksen experienced a shock cardiac arrest in the same stadium wherein he played last summer, and it was his first visit there.


Eriksen, the game’s captain, netted his country’s third strike in the 57th minute with a beautiful strike from 22 yards. In the friendly win, Joakim Maehle and Jesper Lindstrom likewise scored. But the moment went to Eriksen, who was returning to the place where he had practically died 290 days before.

Eriksen collapsed in the first half of the match versus Finland, with no people close to him, after suffering heart arrest. Eriksen later explained that he “died for five minutes” before being revived and taken to the hospital by teammates and medics. Eriksen, 30, was then equipped with an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), which is a type of pacemaker so that he could continue performing. Nevertheless, he had to leave Inter Milan given the fact that athletes with an ICD device aren’t authorized to participate in Italy’s Serie A, ultimately joining Brentford in the Premier League.

Denmark’s encounter against Serbia is among their March friendlies, to gather some steam before competitive games.