Chelsea’s prospects of Winning Champions League “Almost Impossible,” says Frank Leboeuf

In May 2021, Chelsea won the Champions League in a 1-0 match against Manchester United after Kai Harvertz’s strike. This is the second time the club is winning a champion league trophy after their first win in 2012.

In the ongoing 2021 Premier League, Thomas Tuchel’s team has not taken a backseat as they have won 5 out of their 7 matches which places them at the top of the table with 16 points. 


Despite their efforts, former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf is not impressed and stated that the club’s chances of securing the champions league trophy for a second time are unrealistic and almost impossible. And he gives his reasons for his utterance. Go to for more information on sports and betting.

Leboeuf informed Ladbrokes that it would be a big failure if Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City won nothing. And that the clubs’ fans would expect more than a Carabao Trophy. And that the least the fans and clubs would accept is the FA Trophy if they can’t secure the Premier League or Champions League.

He stated that only one club could emerge as the competition’s winner, and Chelsea was fortunate to win it last season, which was a sort of miracle.

“Tuchel joined Chelsea, made changes, and it came off well, but no one foresaw Chelsea winning.

“Presently, Chelsea winning an FA cup is good, but securing the Champions League or the Premier League would be a game-changer. But, it is most unlikely for the Champions League since it was just Real Madrid that could win it three times successively.” 

“I would love Chelsea to win it twice in a row,” Lebeouf admitted, ” but here is why it is unrealistic.”

“Chelsea won the title in the previous season, and carrying the trophy again will be tremendous; however, it is unlikely to happen judging from the stats.”

Chelsea FC had a good head start this season when they beat Zenit St Petersburg in their first tie, thanks to Lukaku’s header. But the team suffered a lapse in Turin after a 0-1 defeat from Juventus prior to the international break.

The Blues Coach, Tuchel, expressed his disappointment with the team. He said that the team lacked rhythm and was slow to make good decisions. This is obvious from the team’s two main ball losses despite massive deliveries and ball possessions.

So far into the premier league season, the Blues are at the top table with 16 points. At the same time, Liverpool and Manchester United follow closely with 15 and 14 points respectively. Thomas Tuchel’s team has played seven matches, won five, drew one, and lost one to Man City. 

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