Chelsea want FA Cup tie with Middlesbrough to be played behind closed doors

The English Club responded to the sanctions faced by it due to ownership controversy in terms of ticket sales in the FA Cup tie.

Chelsea was curbed from all economic activity including ticket sales and transfers by the club in light of the recent owner controversy issues the club still has to sort in hand. But a special license was handed to the organisation by the government as a result of its growing cultural significance in the league and the country.

But the official statement released by Chelsea FC today, states that the time to purchase the away tickets without appropriate amendments concerning the government license has passed. That would mean that the Blues would not be able to purchase and attend the game to support the squad. As a result of which, Chelsea has requested the game to be held behind closed doors to the Football Association as a reason of sporting integrity. As the Blues would not be present in a one of a kind situation like this.


Chelsea understands that the match, however, has to go ahead but believes it to be the right decision to be done as it would have a huge impact on the Chelsea fans who have already bought the limited number of tickets before the license was placed. It would only be fair, says Chelsea in an official statement released by the club, as they have been unable to sell a full allocation of 4620 tickets.

The FA Cup tie between Chelsea and Middlesbrough is scheduled to take place on Saturday.