Chelsea Supporters' Trust believe Ricketts family's approach is "not in the club's best interests" | Business Upturn

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust believe Ricketts family’s approach is “not in the club’s best interests”

The Ricketts, that own the Chicago Cubs, are among the final four buyers seeking to purchase Chelsea off Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea could be pressured to abandon their ongoing discussions with the Ricketts family after the Chelsea Supporter’s Trust served as a big influence in the anti-Ricketts demonstrations over the last week as Chelsea fans, via the Supporters’ Trust and prominent social media accounts, posted statements urging for protests to prevent the club’s ownership from drifting into the wrong hands.

The Chelsea Supporters Trust has been a focal element in discussions between fans and those in the Chelsea hierarchy. Furthermore, the Chelsea Supporters Trust’s unity and cooperation have contributed to the deployment of club and fan group reform.

As per the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, the Ricketts family’s move is just not “in the best interests” of the team. The result was presented on Twitter by the Chelsea Supporter’s Trust, which claimed that: “72% currently do not have confidence that the Ricketts family would run an inclusive and successful club. 77% do not support the Ricketts family’s bid. The CST does not currently believe it is in the best interests of our members for the Ricketts bid to succeed.”

One of the four chosen bids for Chelsea is the Ricketts family, who oversee the Chicago Cubs, baseball team. After being banned by the UK government, Roman Abramovich has placed the club up for sale. A protest is being prepared before Saturday’s match against Brentford.

This is primarily due to the family patriarch, Joe Ricketts, labelling Muslims “my enemy” in a revealed email from 2019. Joe is not part of the Cubs’ or Chelsea’s purchase bids. The bid has sparked significant unease on social media, also with Supporters’ Trust now voicing their concerns.

Chelsea was put up for sale by Abramovich on March 2 in the backdrop of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. On March 10, the 55-year-old was blacklisted by the UK government, which alleged to have established his connections with Vladimir Putin. Chelsea has been handed a special government licence that permits them to continue operating under specific restrictions.