Chelsea set a new Champions League record

Chelsea broke a new record of being the first English team to have five successive wins in the history of the Champions League.

With the comfortable 2-0 win to Lille, the Blues become the only English team to win five consecutive matches in the history of the EUROPA/Champions league. Tuchel’s team is here to break and set records as they defend their champions league title this season.

Chelsea cruised past Lille in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 stages as Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic scored a goal each at Stamford Bridge.


Fans of the newly crowned FIFA Club World Cup champions doubted Tuchel’s decision for replacing Lukaku with Havertz for the Champions League fixture. Lukaku was benched because of his lack of form in his recent matches out of which the match against Crystal Palace where he had only seven touches in the match showed the struggle he is having with his form. Getting Havertz for Lukaku turned out to be a good decision after all. Havertz’s performance was exactly what a manager would want of their striker. Christian Pulisic is another Chelsea player that gets applauded for his immense contribution in matches. Pulisic scored the second goal at the 63′ minute giving Chelsea a clear advantage for the second leg.

Thomas Tuchel was pleased by his team’s performance and looks forward to more such performances.
‘It was a very well-prepared opponent today. They were very aggressive, they were very physical so it was necessary to step up and be mentally tough and defensively super solid, and this is what we did. We did not allow them chances and it gave us a good feeling throughout the whole match.’ the manager said as published on the official club site.

With a team that has Diago silva in the defence, N’golo Kante in the midfield and young strikers that are leaving their mark in the matches, the blues are definitely out there to set more records and are strong contenders for the Champions League title.