Burnley vs Tottenham postponed following intense snowfall

Christmas came early to Burnley, as the extreme weather conditions of intense snowfall forced the home side to postpone the match between Burnley and Tottenham at Turf Moor, 45 minutes before the scheduled kickoff on Sunday, 2:00 PM (GMT).

Spurs looked to bounce back after their upsetting defeat against Mura in the conference league as they travelled away to a struggling Burnley side, who themselves are battling away against Norwich City and Newcastle United, all on 9 points each, to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

However, courtesy of the extreme weather conditions, the match couldn’t be played due to the heavy snowfall. According to sources at Burnley FC, the under-pitch heater was left on overnight, in an attempt to create a playable pitch, however, it didn’t stand a chance against the constant snowfall. The home fans, entering the stadium, saw the humorous side of things, as they saw Burnley Coach, Sean Dyche, in just a white shirt and pants, inspecting the stadium turf in his own way, totally unbothered by the cold snowfall.


Eventually, despite the groundstaff tirelessly working to clear off the snow from the pitch, match official Peter Bankes called off the match after consultation with both managers other field referees.

In the match interview, Burnley boss, Sean Dyche said “The referee explained the safety angle as well so it was important to make a decision early. 

Both the clubs were quick to update their fans on the situation via relevant tweets on their club Twitter handles.

Premier League officials state that the postponed match is set to be played next year, on 15 May.