British PM Boris Johnson dismisses Angela Merkel’s remark on fear of COVID-19 due to crowd gathering at Wembley stadium

German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted worries about COVID-19 at Euro 2020 on her recent visit to Britain, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dismissed them. Merkel had questioned whether the large crowds expected at the upcoming Euro 2020 semifinal and final matches at London’s Wembley Stadium could help spread Covid-19.

In response, Johnson, who was speaking alongside Merkel at a joint press conference, said he had no plans to mandate a crowd reduction at the impending Euro 2020 football matches at Wembley Stadium.


“Of course we’ll follow the scientific guidance and the advice if we receive any such suggestion,” In response to a query at the press conference, Johnson replied.

“But at the moment… the position is very clear in the UK, which is that we have certain events which we can put on in a very careful and controlled manner with testing of everybody who goes there,” he added.

Over 60,000 fans will be able to attend the semi-finals and finals of Euro 2020, thanks to a pilot programme established last week. Only 20,000 supporters were allowed to attend the previous Euro 2020 games held at Wembley Stadium.

During the news conference, Merkel expressed concern over UEFA’s decision to allow larger audiences at football matches at a time when coronavirus cases due to the Delta strain are on the rise in Europe. “I am worried and skeptical about whether this is good,” Merkel had said.