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Brighton troll Man United’s goalkeepeer Andre Onana with a sarcastic tweet

Manchester United lost to Brighton this week in the Premier League.

Manchester United faced off against Brighton and suffered a 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford. While the outcome itself was enough to generate headlines, it was a tweet from Brighton’s official Twitter account two days later that truly stole the show.

The game played on that fateful Saturday witnessed Andre Onana, Manchester United’s goalkeeper, concede three goals. While it’s not uncommon for a goalkeeper to have an off day, what later happened was a social media tweet that will be remembered for quite some time.

Brighton’s official Twitter account, known for its weird and sarcastic posts, displayed a tweet that left football fans think about it. The tweet read, “POV: You’re Andre Onana’s bottom corner.”  Showing a ball smoothly gliding into the bottom corner of a goal, a nod to Onana’s less-than-good performance during the match.