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Brighton rejects Tottenham €12 million bid for Trossard

Brighton FC wants to sell Trossard this transfer window after his dispute with the manager.


Brighton FC have rejected a latest bid of Tottenham Hotspur for their forward named Leandro Trossard on Monday. As Trossard’s inclusion in the Brighton FC squad is now looking impossible after his dispute with his new manager named Roberto De Zerbi.

Leandro Trossard released a statement last week that he is been “humiliated” by his club (Brighton FC) manager Roberto De Zerbi and thus he wants to leave the club as soon as possible. Leandro doesn’t want to serve Brighton any more as he has also complaints against the club’s officials who are not taking action against the manager and instead putting the player in the frame.

Tottenham Hotspur after they came to know that Trossard is available this transfer window, they made a bid to sign him. Tottenham made a bid of €12 million which was rejected by Brighton as reported by Sky Sports on Monday, 16th January.

As per reports, English Premier League’s table toppers Arsenal are also interested in the Belgian forward and could move for the player in the comings days.