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Bonucci to take legal action against Juventus

Leonardo Bonucci has joined Union Berlin this summer.

Leonardo Bonucci, the seasoned Italian defender, has taken a significant step by initiating legal action against his former club, Juventus. This unexpected move comes as Bonucci that he suffered from a lack of adequate training conditions during his time at Juventus, which in turn caused damage to his image and professional nature.

The legal complaint that will be filed by Bonucci puts impression on his concerns regarding the training conditions he faced while playing for the Turin-based club. As a professional athlete who has dedicated his career to the highest levels of football, Bonucci argues that these conditions impeded his ability to perform at his best and maintain the high standards expected from him.

Moreover, Bonucci also claims that his professional reputation and image suffered as a result of these unfavorable circumstances. As a player with an illustrious career.