Besiktas announce their new head coach

Besiktas have announced their new head coach.

Besiktas has announced the appointment of Burak Yilmas as their new head coach. The 38-year-old former assistant manager has been handed the responsibility of the team, marking a significant step in his coaching career.

Yilmas, a name familiar to the Besiktas faithful, has spent years working behind the scenes as an assistant manager, quietly trying his coaching skills. His dedication and hard work have finally paid off, as he now steps into the spotlight as the head coach of one of Turkey’s most illustrious football clubs.


Known for his tactics and deep understanding of the game, Yilmas has earned the trust and respect of both the players and the management at Besiktas. His journey from an assistant to the head coach says about not only his commitment but also the club’s belief in promoting talent from within the club. Taking charge of a team with a rich history and a passionate fan base is no small thing, but Yilmas seems set for the challenge and fans would be hoping that the young coach does well in Turkey which will also help him to go in biggest teams of Europe later.