Bayern sends Barcelona to Europa League, exits Champions League

Barcelona lost against Bayern Munich by 0-3 on Wednesday and will not play Champions League’s knockout round for the first time in 18 years.

Barcelona FC, get a defeat from Bayern Munich by 0-3 on Wednesday. This loss cast aside the five-time European Champion, the Catalan club into the gloom. Barcelona FC breaks their streak push on to the Champions League knockout rounds in each season. They exist from the group stage, due to snow in Italy that was failed to finish on the due time. This was the first time in 18 years. Barcelona drops into the Europa League, where they finished off as third in Group E. Because, in the evening’s other game, Benfica make a win over Dynamo Kyiv by 2-0.

The Barcelona FC Coach Xavi Hernandez stated to Broadcaster DAZN that, they start a new era from Zero, from here. And to put Barcelona in their deserving place, which is at the top of the Champions League, they work hard and recover Barca. This was their reality, they are out of the Champions League. They are in Europa League but this is not a place of Barca. He re-joined the club in last month’s Crisis.


Bayern Munich started with its six Straight perfect wins. At Camp Nou with a win of 3-0 in September, and let Benfica rise above Barcelona with a repeat at their home. And a 16 draw on Monday into the round by crashing Dynamo Kyiv with 2-0.

In the stage of knockout, there were only 15 out of 16 teams lined up, known on the night of Wednesday.