Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies back in training after two months

The skilled full-back has been off since mid-January owing to a significant health scare, but he is showing good progress in his recuperation.


Alphonso Davies has returned to practice for Bayern Munich after missing two months due to a heart problem, and manager Julian Nagelsmann has set a date for the Canada international’s return.

Davies is still yet to play a competitive minute for Bayern in 2022, courtesy to a positive Covid-19 test in earlier January, which was followed by an even more worrying health condition. The 21-year-old was afflicted with acute myocarditis, and the team has been closely monitoring his recovery since.

Davies was indeed ruled out of Bayern’s match versus Hoffenheim on Saturday, which finished in a 1-1 tie. The following day, though, the club released a video of the Canadian international in practice, well with the caption: “Guess who’s back, back again, PHONZY’S BACK, in training.”

Davies has only started light training for the time being, although his heart inflammation has lessened enough for him to consider a return to the team shortly. Bayern’s medical experts re-examined Davies before he resumed to train, and Nagelsmann reckons his outlook has improved markedly. While Davies is expected to return to the field in April, Bayern may soon be aided by the comeback of Leon Goretzka, who has also been out with a knee injury.