Bayern CEO Dreesen announces no danger to Tuchel despite defeat

Thomas Tuchel is in no danger, announces Bayern Munich’s CEO Dreesen despite defeat against Leverkusen by 3-0.

After Bayern Munich’s unexpected 3-0 defeat against Bayer Leverkusen, fans and pundits alike speculated about the future of the team’s manager, Thomas Tuchel. However, Bayern Munich’s CEO, Dreesen, has moved swiftly to dismiss any rumors of managerial changes, ensuring the stability of the coaching staff.

Despite the setback against Leverkusen, CEO Dreesen expressed his unwavering support for Tuchel, emphasizing that one defeat does not define a season or a manager’s capabilities. In a recent press conference, Dreesen stated, “Thomas Tuchel is a highly respected and accomplished manager. One loss, even a significant one, does not erase his proven track record and the positive impact he has had on our team.”


Dreesen acknowledged the disappointment of the defeat but urged fans and critics to view it as a part of the ups and downs inherent in football.