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Barcelona win 2-1 against Osasuna

Barcelona won another game in La Liga as they defeat Osasuna by 2-1.

Barcelona FC continued their winning streak in La Liga with a hard-fought victory over Osasuna, securing a 2-1 win in a thrilling encounter. The match, filled with moments of excitement, showcased the resilience of both teams.

The first half saw Barcelona’s defensive things on display, and just before halftime, Jules Kounde emerged as the hero for the Catalan giants. Kounde’s precise strike in the 45+1 minute broke the deadlock and make the away crowd cheering. It was a proof to Barcelona’s ability to capitalize on crucial moments.


However, Osasuna had no intention of surrendering easily. In the 76th minute, they answered back with a well-executed goal, leveling the score at 1-1. This equalizer added suspense to the match, as both teams battled for dominance.

As the clock ticked down, Barcelona found themselves with a golden opportunity to snatch victory from a draw. In the 86th minute, Robert Lewandowski, known for his composure in high-pressure situations, stepped up to take a penalty. Barcelona won 2-1 in the game.