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Barcelona to activate ‘Operation Joao Felix’ in the next 48 hours

Barcelona will try to sign Joao Felix from Atletico Madrid.

Joao Felix, who has expressed his desire to don the iconic blaugrana jersey of Barcelona a few days back. As the clock ticks away, Barcelona finds itself embroiled in a race against time to activate what could be dubbed as ‘Operation Joao Felix’ within the next 48 hours.

From sunny Portugal, Joao Felix burst onto the football scene with his dazzling skills and impeccable understanding of the game. His journey led him to Atletico Madrid, where he showcased his prowess and potential, quickly becoming a fan favorite. However, recent reports suggest that Felix’s heart beats for Barcelona, and he’s ready to take the leap towards his dream destination.


The challenge for Barcelona lies in executing this difficult transfer in a narrow window. Negotiations with both Atletico Madrid and the player’s representatives must be swift and strategic. Financial considerations, player swaps, and other terms need to be completed within the short time. Additionally, the club needs to create a compelling case to convince Atletico Madrid to part ways with their asset in such a limited span.