Barcelona close to extend Xavi’s contract

Barcelona are ready to offer Xavi a new contract as they want him the manager for much longer time.

Barcelona Football Club is gearing up to secure their legendary midfielder, Xavi Hernandez, as their long-term manager with a new contract. This decision comes on the club’s triumphant victory in La Liga last season, where they reclaimed the Spanish title after a gap of several years.

Xavi Hernandez, a true icon of Barcelona, returned to his beloved club in January 2022 as the head coach. His appointment was met with immense excitement and anticipation, given his storied history with Barcelona, where he spent 24 years as a player, winning numerous titles and accolades. It was clear from the outset that his return was not just a sentimental choice but also a strategic move.


The 2022-23 La Liga season witnessed an improved Barcelona under Xavi’s leadership. The team displayed a beautiful and effective style of play, goes of the tiki-taka football that had brought the club so much success in the past. Barcelona’s attacking abilities, coupled with a strong defense, secured them the La Liga title, signaling a return to the early Spanish football. Xavi’s impact on the team’s performance has been amazing. He inserted a strong sense of identity and purpose within the squad.