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Barca agree new deal with Fermin Lopez until June 2028

Barcelona have agreed a new deal with Fermin Lopez.

Barcelona football club has officially extended Fermin Lopez’s contract until June 2028. This move comes as a prove to both Lopez’s remarkable contributions and the club’s commitment to securing its future success.

Lopez, who has been an integral part of the Barcelona family for several years, has demonstrated his dedication and passion for the team time and time again. As the club’s Director of Football Operations, he has played a crucial role in shaping the team’s strategies, player acquisitions, and overall football operations. Under his guidance, Barcelona has navigated through the intricate landscape of football with remarkable finesse, showing a strong resurgence in various competitions.


The decision to extend Lopez’s contract signifies the club’s recognition of his exceptional leadership and management skills. His ability to foster a harmonious environment within the team, coupled with his astute football acumen, has been pivotal in maintaining Barcelona’s competitive edge. The club’s recent successes, both on and off the pitch, can be attributed in no small part to his insightful contributions.