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Atletico Madrid wins against Elche with 10-men

Atletico Madrid won a heated game in the La Liga on Thursday night against Elche.


Atletico Madrid have played their first game after FIFA World Cup 2022 on Thursday night, 29th December at their home ground. The game was against Elche. Elche who are placed 20th in the La Liga have a disappointing game again.

Both the teams were down to 10-men in the game whereas Elche recieved another red card in the additional time. After Atletico Madrid’s player named Hermoso received a red card and Atletico were down to 10-men, Joao Felix scored a goal three minutes later to put the host on lead.

Joao Felix’s goal was amazing and this was important for him as he is trying to leave the club and there are many clubs following him ahead of the January transfer window.

The second goal was scored by Spanish striker Alvaro Morata in the 74th minute which sealed the game for Atletico. Elche had an another defeat and they also were down to 9-men in the additional time. Atletico is still 8 points away from Real Madrid and 10 from the top (FC Barcelona).