AS Roma boss Jose Mourinho faces a two-match ban with a fine

As Roma’s manager Mourinho banned from entering referee’s dressing room

Jose Mourinho was sent off in a Seria A game against Cremonese, where his side, AS Roma, lost 2-1. In the post-match press conference, the Portuguese manager spoke about considering ‘legal’ action after a red card was given to him by the referee Marco Piccinini.

Jose Mourinho said, “For the first time in my career, a referee has unjustifiably spoken to me. “I am not crazy. And to have the reaction I had is because something happened. I need to know now if I can do something from a legal point of view.”


Mourinho added, “Piccinini gave me the red because the fourth official told him so. But the fourth official didn’t have the honesty to tell him what he told me, how he treated me, and what provoked my reaction.”

Amidst controversy, Seria A, in a statement, said, “The manager’s punishment was for having vehemently and provocatively contested a referee’s decision in the second half and repeating such behavior at the time of the expulsion.” The statement further said, “For also having, at the end of the match, entered the referee’s dressing room, although authorized to do so, and having addressed seriously offensive expressions and inferences to the fourth official.”

Mourinho has received a two-game ban and been fined 10,000 euros for the incident in which he claimed the fourth official instructed referee Marco Piccinini to show a red card without fully describing what happened on the touchline. The Portuguese manager was given a red card in November last year when his side, AS Roma, drew 1-1 to Torino. Also, in September of the same year, Mourinho was sent off in a game against Atalanta at the Stadio Olimpico stadium.