Aryan Club with a injured player manages to beat Hyderabad FC 1-0

Aryan Club played the match with an injured player and still managed to lead the Score Line by 1-0 against Hyderabad FC at 124th IFA Shield.

Another match played today in Kalyani stadium between Hyderabad FC v/s Aryan Club, was the first match of Group B in 124th IFA Shield. There was quite quick gameplay seen in the field by both teams throughout the match. Both the team performed at neck-to-neck competition against each other but still, Aryan Club grabbed a chance to lead the scoreline.

At the beginning of the first half, Hyderabad FC played a well-attacking game against Aryan FC but the opponent also didn’t set back and gave a tough fighting defence to them. Presences of great game spirit between the Aryan Club players as a few minutes before the first half ended a played named Debasis Pradhan of Aryan Club got injured on the head and bleed out inside field but that’s not made the teammates lose hope the Debasis rejoined the team after a moment with a bandage around his head. There were a lot of miss passes by both the teams and a lack of ball possession among them and that leads the match to a goalless draw in the first half.


As the second half started Aryan Club showed attacking pressure on the opponent and registered a goal against the opponent at 69th minute of the match, which was shot on target by Dip Saha and earned 5000 cash price by becoming a man of the match, the match ended with the win of Aryan Club by 1-0. Both the team got 6 corners through the whole match, shot on target by Hyderabad FC was 3 and 5 by Aryan Club and yellow card conceive by Hyderabad FC was 3 on other hand Aryan Club manage to stick at 1.