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Arsenal and Fulham have a disappointing draw

Arsenal couldn’t win it against Fulham as the end scoreline was 2-2 at Emirates.

Arsenal battled Fulham to a thrilling 2-2 draw. Despite a valiant effort from the Gunners, they couldn’t secure a victory against a determined Fulham side that showcased resilience throughout the game.

The match began with Fulham taking an early lead, sending shockwaves through the home crowd. Arsenal’s defense found itself tested as Fulham managed to break through, putting them ahead 1-0. However, the Gunners were quick to respond, demonstrating their attacking prowess.


In the 70th minute, Bukayo Saka delivered a moment of brilliance, finding the back of the net to level the scoreline at 1-1. The Emirates erupted in cheers as Arsenal’s hopes for a comeback were reignited. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Just two minutes later, in the 72nd minute, Eddie Nketiah capitalized on the momentum, giving Arsenal a 2-1 lead.

As the clock ticked down and the match reached its closing stages, both teams pushed for a decisive breakthrough. Fulham, refusing to bow down, mounted a spirited effort to salvage a point. Their persistence paid off in the 87th minute when Palinha’s strike found the back of the Arsenal net, making it 2-2 and ensuring a dramatic finish to the game.