Antonio Conte writes goodbye letter to Spurs

Antonio Conte has written a goodbye message to Tottenham Hotspur.

Antonio Conte, the former manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has written a heartfelt goodbye letter to the club and its fans following his sudden sacking on 27th March, November, 2021.

In the letter, Conte expressed his disappointment and sadness at having his time with the club cut short. He thanked the fans for their support during his brief tenure and expressed his admiration for the players he had the privilege of managing. He wished the team and its supporters all the best for the future, expressing his confidence that they will achieve their goals.


The Italian manager’s time with Tottenham was brief, having been appointed in November 2021, and was abruptly ended after a year and a half. The reason for his sacking has not been disclosed by the club.

Despite the short-lived nature of his tenure, Conte’s departure has left a lasting impact on the club and its fans. His reputation as a highly successful manager, having won titles with Juventus, Chelsea, and Inter Milan, had raised hopes for a successful season at Tottenham.