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Al Ittihad propose Sergio Ramos a 2-year deal with break clause

Al Ittihad wants to sign Sergio Ramos on a 2-year deal.

Saudi Arabian club Al Ittihad has reportedly offered Sergio Ramos, the legendary Spanish defender, a two-year contract with an  inclusion of a break clause. This development has sparked much discussion among fans and experts.

Sergio Ramos, a legend Real Madrid for over 16 years, left the club in the summer of 2021 to join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). However, his time in the French capital was full of injuries, limiting his playing time and effectiveness on the pitch. Now, Al Ittihad, a club from the Saudi Professional League, has come forward with a tempting offer.


The proposed two-year deal would see Ramos return to the spotlight, in a less competitive league compared to La Liga or the French Ligue 1. However, what sets this offer apart is the inclusion of a break clause, allowing both the player and the club to assess the situation after one season and potentially part ways if necessary.

This break clause is a unique feature in modern football contracts. It provides flexibility for both parties involved. For Ramos, it offers the opportunity to evaluate his performance and physical condition after a season in Saudi Arabia.