Abner accepted Olympique Lyon

Brazilian left-back Abner is all set to join Olympique Lyon from Real Betis.

Brazilian left-back Abner is all set to join Olympique Lyon from Real Betis and he will join the squad next season on July 1. The left-back has agreed and the deal is likely to go ahead as per planned by both the clubs.

In a significant transfer market to come, Brazilian left-back Abner is set to make a move from Real Betis to Olympique Lyon. The eagerly awaited transfer is to to take effect on July 1, signaling a new chapter in Abner’s career.


The left-back, who has grabed attention for his defense and dynamic playing style, has reached an agreement with Olympique Lyon, and both clubs are on track to finalize the deal as planned. Abner’s impending move has generated buzz among football enthusiasts, as they anticipate the impact he could have on Lyon’s squad dynamics.

Known for his versatility and ability to contribute both defensively and offensively, Abner’s addition to Olympique Lyon is expected to bolster their backline. The Brazilian player’s experience in top European leagues, coupled with his skill set, aligns with Lyon’s aspirations for success in domestic and international competitions.

As fans eagerly await the commencement of the new season, the confirmation of Abner’s transfer adds an element of anticipation and excitement. Olympique Lyon supporters are hopeful that the Brazilian left-back will seamlessly integrate into the squad, bringing a fresh perspective and contributing to the team’s overall performance.

The collaboration between Real Betis and Olympique Lyon in facilitating Abner’s move demonstrates the cooperative spirit within the football community.