60 career hat-tricks for Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United beat Norwich 3-2 in the Premier League.

Manchester United routed Norwich City 3-2 at Old Trafford, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo hitting his 60th career hat-trick. Following a fast open goal and subsequently a soaring header from a cross, Ronaldo set United in charge of the game. 

Ralf Rangnick could’ve anticipated a rare smooth afternoon at that juncture, however, it was not to be as his squad dragged Norwich back within the contest. To clinch the match, additional Ronaldo mojo was necessary, and he supplied with a scorching free-kick through Tim Krul.


Age is no stopping Cristiano Ronaldo as he grabbed his 60th Hattrick. He has scored 30 Hattricks before 30 and 30 post the age of 30, which shows how significant his career throughout has been. This was his 50th hat-trick at the club level, with 10 additional at the international level, a phenomenal milestone. He shows no traces of slowing down, and on a day when United desperately wanted him to rise to the occasion, he was returned to his dictatorial finest.

The protests surrounding the Glazer family were the big concern before the game, but Ronaldo’s excellence guaranteed that several fans will be discussing what unfolded on the field. He delivered a message to United’s fans and players after the game, claiming that they are yet in the hunt for the top four, notwithstanding Arsenal and Tottenham’s loss today.

United’s visit to Arsenal coming weekend seems to be important at this juncture, even though both sides have crucial midweek matches with foes. To gain this United squad a victory at Anfield, Ronaldo will have to be on another form, yet what a victory that might be if we can get something there. For the moment being, Ronaldo is relishing in the warmth of a brilliance that propelled his team to triumph and once again underlined his quality.