2022 World Cup at a new low, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic boycott play-offs

The football associations of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic release statements condemning the actions of Putin.


A joint statement released by the football associations of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, condemning the actions of Putin over the invasion of Ukraine, states that they have no intention to travel to Russia for the World Cup play-offs, where Poland is to face Russia in the Path B semi-finals in Moscow on March 29th, They said that the play-off matches should not be held in the territory of the Russian Federation.

They added that the military escalation poses serious consequences and that there is a significant reduction in the security level of the representatives and official delegations, as a reason to which, they do not consider themselves playing football matches there. They have called on FIFA and UEFA to provide an alternative solution for the matches to be held elsewhere as Putin has declared war on the two separatist regions of Ukraine and show no signs of backing down.

UEFA has also released a formal statement regarding the extra-ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee at 9 am tomorrow confirmed by the president of European football’s governing body, to take into consideration various decisions including a venue change of The Champions League Final and of other consequences as a result of the crisis.

The SvFF (Swedish football club) Chairman, Karl-Eril Nilsson told Reuters on Thursday that playing in Russia is almost unthinkable and that there is no desire to play football in Russia at this point. The associations have come together to condemn the horrific crisis taking over Europe since World War II and strongly oppose the military action.