Shawn Rhoden, oldest to ever win Mr. Olympia found dead at the age of 46

Shawn Rhode, a fan favorite bodybuilder who won the most prestigious award in bodybuilding Mr. Olympia at the age of 43 was found dead due to a heart attack.

Shawn Rhoden, a bodybuilder, and former Mr. Olympia champion died at the age of 46 from a heart attack, according to reports. Rhoden was one of the most well-known figures in the bodybuilding world, having won the Olympia in 2018, the Super Bowl of bodybuilding competitions, by overcoming 7-time Olympia champion Phil Heath, who had won the event for the previous seven years. At the time, Shawn was 43 years old, making him the oldest person to ever win the prestigious championship.

According to Generation Iron, Rhoden had a heart attack and died as a result. Shawn began bodybuilding as an amateur in the early 1990s, competing on and off throughout the years. Rhoden turned pro in 2010 and finished a respectable 11th at his first Mr. Olympia. The next year, Rhoden improved dramatically, coming third, before winning the race outright in 2018.


Shawn Rhoden was a modern bodybuilding legend who suffered a lot of backlash in the years following his Mr. Olympia victory in 2018. In 1992, he found bodybuilding and began competing as an amateur. However, he was injured multiple times, and after his father died, he became addicted to alcohol. He returned to the sport years later after a difficult recuperation, eventually getting his IFBB Pro card in 2010. Shawn finished 11th in his first Mr. Olympia appearance in 2011. He finished third in 2012 and has remained in the top five in the race every year since.