Robert Kraft surprises Patriots fans with two more tributes to Tom Brady

On Wednesday night, the New England Patriots threw a grand bash to honor the one and only Tom Brady, officially inducting him into their Hall of Fame. Owner Robert Kraft even pulled a fast one, skipping the usual waiting period for Brady, a guy with seven Super Bowl rings – talk about skipping the line!

The event was a spectacle, drawing in thousands of fans and a slew of current and former players who came to pay homage. But the real kicker? Kraft dropped two bombshells that sent shockwaves through the crowd. First off, he declared that Brady’s legendary No. 12 jersey would never grace another Patriots player’s back – it’s now up there with the other retired greats, a decision that probably left some equipment manager shedding a single tear.


And that wasn’t all. Kraft also spilled the beans on plans for a colossal 12-foot statue of Brady, set to rise majestically outside the team’s Hall of Fame by Gillette Stadium sometime this season. Because, you know, why not immortalize the GOAT in bronze? It’s like saying, “Hey, Boston pigeons, Tom Brady’s watching over us now – so mind your manners!”

These gestures not only cement Brady’s legacy as the gridiron’s supreme ruler but also ensure that every touchdown pass and clutch comeback will forever be etched in Patriots lore, and probably cast in metal, too.