Red Sox rookie reflects on finally making it to the MLB after 11 seasons

For Boston Red Sox infielder Jamie Westbrook, the road to the MLB was no sprint; it was an endurance marathon through Minor League Baseball trenches spanning a whopping 11 seasons. But when that long-awaited call finally came, the emotional wave hit hard, shared intimately with his parents.

“My dad’s like, ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ because I was crying. I’m like, ‘I’m going to the big leagues,’” Westbrook recounted to MassLive’s Katie Morrison-O’Day. “They just started running out of the store, it was nuts. I got on a flight that night. You always envision how that call is gonna go and who you’re gonna be with and whatnot. That was a cool moment.”


At 29, Westbrook seized an opportunity with the Red Sox amid team injuries, making his mark in 11 games with a .222 average and a .749 OPS before returning to Triple-A Worcester. Despite the temporary stint, Westbrook cherished the validation of his lifelong belief.

“I think the biggest takeaway was that the feeling that I had in my gut that I was a major league player was true,” Westbrook reflected. “To have that validation, have it be solidified, not just believing it, but it actually being fact, has made all of the journey completely worth it…

“Still in the back of my mind, I had this weight on my shoulders because I wanted it so bad. I think it’s going to be awesome to just enjoy playing and not stress out way too much, and to know [I’m] going to be fine and [I’m] good enough and all of those things that I’ve believed.”

With the Red Sox battling injuries this season, Westbrook remains on the radar for potential returns to Boston. His readiness and perseverance are testaments to his dedication, ensuring he’s prepared whenever his number is called again.