Patrick Peterson explains why Steelers coach Mike Tomlin insists on practicing through bad weather

In his illustrious 13-year NFL career, seasoned cornerback Patrick Peterson has witnessed his fair share of gridiron action. But amidst the touchdowns, tackles, and triumphs, one tale from his stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers sheds light on what truly sets head coach Mike Tomlin apart from the pack.

In a candid chat with Rich Eisen, Peterson regaled a story from the rainy days of the 2023 training camp, a tale that epitomizes Tomlin’s coaching ethos. “It was probably the first raining day in training camp,” Peterson recounted. “It’s my first year in Pittsburgh. I’ve heard all the cliches about ‘It don’t matter what the weather is. We’re only coming inside if there’s thunder and lightning.'”


Now, hearing about the steadfast commitment to practicing in inclement weather is one thing, but experiencing it firsthand is quite another. “So I’m like, ‘Dog, the sky is about to fall.’ We still got practice, the horn’s still blowing,” Peterson chuckled. “Coach calls us up. He says ‘Hey man, I just want to get in front of this right now. Yeah we got bad weather. But there’s going to be some point and time in the season where on Sunday, it’s going to be bad weather. And if you’re not prepared for it, how do you expect to succeed in it?'”

Peterson marveled at Tomlin’s foresight, recognizing the wisdom in his approach to adversity. “Some head coaches might be like, ‘Okay we’re not going out there today. Take it inside, change it up to a walk-through, or maybe get the work in later on in the afternoon.’ Not Coach T.”

Fast forward to the present day, and Tomlin’s coaching prowess continues to garner accolades. The Steelers recently announced a three-year extension for Tomlin, ensuring his leadership will guide the team through the 2027 season.

Meanwhile, Peterson, now 33, finds himself in the midst of free agency as the 2024 campaign beckons. As he weighs his options for the upcoming season, one thing remains clear: the lessons learned from Tomlin’s unyielding approach to preparation will endure, regardless of the jersey he wears.