Pakistan information minister announces the arrival of the Afghan women’s football team to the nation

Afghanistan’s women’s football team have been said to be in Pakistan as it remains unclear regard the number of players how have arrived and the further plans.

The information minister of Pakistan Fawad Chaudry has confirmed that the Afghan women’s football team have arrived in Pakistan as questions linger on the status of the female athletes under Taliban rule. 

“We welcome Afghanistan women football team, they arrived at Torkham Border from Afghanistan,” said Fawad Chaudhry in a Tweet. They will be received by a representative of the Pakistan Football Federation. Chaudhry further gave not many details and the situation remains unclear regarding the number of players who have entered the country and what plans are scheduled after the recent talks to ban women from sports once again by the new regime in Afghanistan.

The departure from Afghanistan is a part of the broader exodus of Afghan intellectuals and public figures, mainly for the safety of the women of the county since the takeover by the Taliban that took place a month ago. The last time that the Taliban ruled the country was two decades ago where women were banned from working while the girls were not allowed to attend schools and receive further education. Women were banned and kept away from participation in sports and it is the likely verdict to come from the Islamist group.

A representative of the Taliban had told Australian broadcaster SBS last week that he does not think the women in the country will be allowed to play sports (cricket as he mentioned) claiming it to be not necessary as it goes against Islam. A former captain of the Afghan team had urged the female players who are still in the country to burn their sports gear and social media accounts for their safety and to avoid reprisals while many other former and current players have fled from the country since the takeover. The football governing body, FIFA have claimed to be working to help evacuate the one remaining in the country as reported last month.

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